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中文书籍 | libros en español

Discover the profound wisdom of Dzogchen teachings and Tibetan culture.

Spreading knowledge worldwide since 1983

Over 500 titlesin English, Italian, and Spanish

Shang Shung Publications was founded by Prof. Namkhai Norbu in Merigar, Italy, in 1983 with the mission of sharing his work and the work of other masters in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Over the decades we’ve covered topics ranging from Dzogchen and Buddhism to Tibetan Yoga and Dances, Tibetan Culture and Traditional Medicine, in the form of transcribed teachings, translations, commentaries, practice texts, as well as study materials in audio and video formats.

These materials continue to bring knowledge and guidance to Dzogchen practitioners, but also to anyone interested in Tibetan culture, spiritual growth, and wellness.

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