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Togden Shakya Shri: The Life and Liberation of a Tibetan Yogin

by Kathog Situ Chökyi Gyatso

Book - 25.00€ (without VAT)


Translated from Tibetan by Elio Guarisco

This namthar, or traditional Tibetan biography, welcomes the reader to the extraordinary dimension of a realized yogin. Its pages recount the inspiring milestones in the life of the revered Togden of Drugu (1853-1919), a portrayal that is at once a precious mirror of a vanished world. Glowing with inspiring facts and miraculous happenings, the chronicle is made all the more insightful by a selection of letters between the Togden and some of the greatest masters of that era.

The book begins with penetrating and easily understood instructions by Shakya Shri called Opening the Door to Liberation, and a selection of his Songs of Realization, illuminating verses that are in themselves teachings. In the appendixes, the translator puts the life work and accomplishments of the master in several useful contexts. The volume includes a preface by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and a foreword by Sey Rinpoche, lineage holder and great grandson of Shakya Shri.

In an informed and graceful translation, the book provides the reader with a rich reward, the sense of having actually encountered the master and received a direct benefit.

  • Preface by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu 7
  • Foreword by Sey Rinpoche 9
  • Traslator's Introduction 11
  • The Biographer and his Work 17
  • Opening the Door of Liberation 24
  • The Four Things Difficult to Accomplish 33
  • Homage 37
  • His Previous Lives 40
  • 1. His Birth: the Germination of His Noble Aspirations in Past Lives 45
  • 2. The Early Blossoming of His Enlightened Nature 47
  • 3. His Reliance on Accomplished Masters for Instructions that Mature and Free the Mind 51
  • 4. The Yogin Contemplates in Secluted Places and Realizes Innate Wisdom 65
  • 5. His Life Dedicated to Practice, He Attains Blessings and Siddhis such as Vision of Masters and Deities and the Discovery of Profound Termas 83
  • 6. His Altruistic Accomplishement and Charismatic Guidance Benefit Others Immensely and Illuminate the Doctrine, Inspiring Great Masters to Shower Him with Flowers of Praises 117
  • 7. His Commitment to the Restoration of Extraordinary Sacred Symbols, Fallen into Ruin, of the Buddha's Body, Speech and Mind, and the Creation of Sacred Images through the Power of His Unbounded, Selfless Intentions 147
  • 8. His Work for the Beings of this Realm Completed, Shakya Shri Disappear into the Great Expanse of Reality 163
  • Appendix l. Shakya Shri and the Drugpa Kagyu Lineage 201
  • Appendix ll. Shakya Shri and Dzogchen 213
  • Appendix lll. The Free Spirit of Shakya Shri 217
  • Appendix lV. Shakya Shri and His Descendants 227
  • Notes 235
  • Index of Tibetan Names 305

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