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Key for Consulting the Tibetan Calendar

by Compiled by M. Rita Leti on the basis of the teachings by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Book - 15.00€ (without VAT)


available also: eBook - 12.00€

The Key for Consulting the Tibetan Calendar came out of a course held by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in Rome at the beginning of the 1980s as part of a seminar on Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. It aims to act as an introduction to the Tibetan astrological universe, so different from ours in its complex and fascinating richness. At the same time, it can serve as a useful instrument to guide those who understand how closely our lives are linked to the warp and weft of the movements of the universe, in the general interdependence of all phenomena.

A calendar such as this one uses the knowledge and the synthesis of a thousand years of culture, even if we have forgotten it all. It is a tool which enables us to rediscover, at least in part, how we fit in with that universal energy and with that cosmos of which we are the living image and a part, a more intense and more intimate part than we are usually prepared to believe. If all days are not the same, then it is important and useful to recognize the flavor, color and cadence with which each day manifests. What you have in your hands is a key, a precious key for the interpretation and reading of temporal and cosmic cycles, but the only person who can open and close the door of your actions is yourself.

  • Introduction by M. R. Leti 9
  • The Origins of Tibetan Astrology 11
  • The Bön Astrological System, the 180 Year Cycle 13
  • Chinese Influences, the Eight Trigrams 15
  • Indian Influences, the Kalachakra 16
  • How to Consult the Calendar 21
  • 1. The Lunar Date 21
  • 2. Planets and Constellations 22
  • 3. The Element – Symbolic Animal Cycle 24
  • 4. The Mewas 24
  • The Interpretation of Dates 26
  • 1. Minor, Major and Particular Combinations 26
  • 2. Individual Aspects 27
  • 3. Secondary Aspects 29
  • 4. The Manual 30
  • General Information
  • The Tibetan Calendar 37
  • The Five Elements, Jungtsi System 38
  • The Four Elements, Kartsi System 40
  • Combining the Elements with the Twelve Years 41
  • How to Calculate One’s Age 42
  • The Beginning of the Tibetan Year 43
  • Table of Tibetan New Year Dates 44
  • The Months 48
  • The Date 50
  • The Days 51
  • The Time of Day 54
  • The Days of the Week 57
  • Constellations 74
  • List of Constellations 75
  • Summary Table of the Elements of the Planets and the
  • Constellations 80
  • Table of Individual Planets and Constellations 83
  • The Combinations of Planets and Constellations
  • Minor Combinations 87
  • Major Combinations 91
  • Table of Major Combinations 92
  • Particular Combinations 98
  • Combinations of Planets with Dates 101
  • The Twelve Symbolic Animals 105
  • The Relationship Between One’s Personal Element
  • and the Element of the Day 118
  • The Mewa
  • The Mewa 123
  • Table of the Mewa Cycle 126
  • Characteristics of the Nine Numbers of the Mewa Cycle 127
  • Significance of the Mewa 128
  • Calculation of the Mewa of the Year of Birth 130
  • How to Check the Mewa of Birth Against that of the Day 130
  • Final Considerations 131

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