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[ebook] The 40th Anniversary of Shang Shung Publications (epub)

THE FIRST 40 YEARS: 1983–2023

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We are pleased to offer this e-booklet in celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Shang Shung Publications, a publishing house dedicated to preserving and continuing the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Tibetan people as well as to exploring new frontiers of knowledge. Our founder, Prof. Namkhai Norbu, made unparalleled contributions in the realm of Tibetan studies and was one of the most important masters of our time of the teaching of Atiyoga (meaning “primordial knowledge” in Sanskrit).                                     This booklet contains a short, but profound piece composed by Namkhai Norbu for an early student, Advice to Antonio Morgione: An Ornament of Vowels and Consonants. Hitherto unpublished, this concise teaching in the form of a poem reflects the Author’s supreme capacity to communicate knowledge with great beauty and with the intent of helping practitioners grasp the real essence of the Path. We thank Master Namkhai Norbu and his student Antonio Morgione for having kindly shared this precious teaching with us.

Note: translations of Namkhai Norbu's text into Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and German are available via link inside.

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