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Secret Map of the Body

Visions of the Human Energy Structure

by Gyalwa Yangönpa

Book - 27.00€


Translated from Tibetan and Annotated by Elio Guarisco

Yangönpa’s Hidden Description of The Vajra Body presents the triad constituting the Vajra Body – the channels, energy-winds, and vital essences – as the basis for the application of experiential yogic techniques. Buddhism often relegates the body to a role subordinate to that of the mind;  the focus of Yangönpa’s Hidden Description is the body itself, with its manifold  layers – coarse, subtle, and very subtle.
In his presentation of the human body’s energetic structure he contends  that it is not simply the means to achieve enlightenment, but enlightenment  itself, blending the Highest Tantra notion of the body as the method with the Total Perfection  (rdzogs chen) principle of inherently present enlightenment as  the fundamental nature of all phenomena.


  • PART ONE. Translator’s Introduction 1
  • PART TWO. The Great Mirror: The Remarkable Life of the Shri Mountain Hermit 113
  • PART THREE. The Hidden Description of the Vajra Body 219
  • APPENDIX ONE. Collected Works of Gyalwa Yangönpa 327
  • APPENDIX TWO. Unpublished Works and Spoken
  • Words of Yangönpa 332
  • APPENDIX THREE. Five Outer and Five Inner Manifest
  • Awakenings 334
  • APPENDIX FOUR. Stages of Embryonic and Fetal
  • Development and Birth 335
  • APPENDIX FIVE. Five Root and Five Branch Energy-Winds 337
  • APPENDIX SIX. Classification of the Energy-Winds 339
  • APPENDIX SEVEN. Colors and Spans of the Energy-Winds
  • of the Five Elements 340
  • APPENDIX EIGHT. The 32 Channels of the Four Chakras
  • and Sacred Places 341
  • APPENDIX NINE. The Channels of the Five Chakras 344
  • Notes 347
  • Bibliography 436
  • Index 453

~ Testimonials ~

Wonderful Book.

Take your understanding of the subtle body to the next level, simple the best book on the subject. The detail is astounding and I doubt you'll find better than this book.

- Paul Rohe

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